Successful Collection and Use of Customer Data

Collection of Customer Data

FinTech Management Services’ clients who deploy our Purple WiFi guest WiFi hotspot software product, use it to capture customer data securely and legally, allowing them to target market to their customers.

This has proved very successful because with:

  • web browsers restricting ad trackers
  • new data privacy laws and,
  • constant data breaches,

Marketers these days want to avoid the use of third-party data which they obtain from companies without direct user relationships.

Rather they can use data collected straight from their customers. This is known in marketing jargon as “first-party data”.

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Collecting the data automatically via the Purple WiFi system is the easy part. Our clients can gather this first-party data, but they often struggle to make the most of it.

Fortunately, we at FinTech are able to assist them.

We ensure that their first-party data is properly collected, cleaned, normalized, stored, analyzed and deployed, so that it can be used successfully in mailshot campaigns and other customer engagements. If they so wish, we can run such campaigns on our clients’ behalf.

We also advise our clients to be very clear in telling their customers about the benefits to be had from providing their personal information. For example, so that the customer may agree to receive news, discounts, special offers, promotions and other marketing material.

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