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Import Your Product into Thailand.

Companies introducing their products into Thailand – or expanding their existing presence – are faced with  investment decisions with many factors affecting success. Import products into Thailand with confidence.

The geography is vast. The cultural and language differences are obvious to people with local experience but perhaps the implications are not so obvious from the other side of the world. Disparate market conditions, numerous and different competitors, different banking regulations, different customer expectations – all lead to complexity and potential loss of focus. Companies investing in Asia Pacific often have expectations based on their experience in other geographies and markets. This has led to many businesses being unsatisfied by the performance of their operations in this region. Making the initial or renewed investment decision and then remote hiring to execute is not without risks. A senior hire that doesn’t work out can set your business back 6-12 months.

FinTech Management Services (FTMS) leverages the experience and network of its principals, to help focus our clients’ efforts and resources so that Thailand becomes a reliable revenue contributor and growth region, quickly.

FTMS can help you to tailor your business development initiatives in the most effective and applicable manner. We act as your business development force and start building an initial pipeline of prospective clients as well as developing potential third-party partnerships, reducing your upfront cost and risk. As your operations begin to perform against plan we can assist you in hiring your own local team to continue to grow your business.

Import Thailand

FTMS provides our customers with the following advantages:

  • Directors with over 20 years relevant experience throughout S.E.Asia
  • In depth understanding of your business and your customers’ business through industry specialization
  • Understanding of the industry drivers
  • Coverage across all key markets in Thailand
  • Established Partner network
  • Lower initial cost, lower initial risk, shorter initial commitment for your company compared to setting up on your own
  • Fast access to client organisations and other relevant bodies
  • Fast market entry
  • After Sales Services: consulting and delivery
  • Assistance with local: human resources, facilities management, tax and legal advice.

FTMS offers the following services:

    • Warehousing (Bonded / Un-Bonded / Cold Storage Room)
    • Prime port and city locations
    • Liaison with suppliers
    • Consolidation of Goods
    • Quality Control
    • Inspection of Goods
    • Export to Thailand
    • Collection / Delivery of Goods
    • Sorting / Loading / Unloading
    • Labeling / Re-packing
    • Onward Freight
    • Identifying Potential Clients / Distributors – Give Detailed Report
    • Forwarding of Samples
    • Multi Lingual Staff
    • Organisation of events or functions
    • Making travel arrangements and booking hotel accommodation
    • Car rental and transport within territory
    • Product Registration
    • Business Registration / De-registration
    • Documentation and Translations
    • Design Promotional and Marketing Material. Obtain Quotes And Organise Printing
    • Promotion Via Thai Language Social Media
    • Conduct Company or Property Searches
    • Provide Banking and Finance Assistance
    • Secure All Necessary and Relevant Licenses
    • Invoicing
    • Partial Shipments
    • Cargo Clearance
    • Shipments At Cost
    • Corporate Office Services, actual or “virtual”.

We have very wide experience of undertaking research, both geographically and by business and industry sector. Where we recognise that a client requires specific expertise in their industry, we can call on this expertise through our team of consultants.

In Summary: Your go-to-market partner for Thailand – Your springboard to Asia.

Contact us today to find out how we can best help you.