Purple WiFi Helps Venues Comply With Covid Guidelines, Making Customers Feel Safe, Encouraging Them To Return

Purple WiFi Helps Venues Comply With Covid Guidelines, Making Customers Feel Safe, Encouraging Them To Return

Purple WiFi Helps Venues Comply With Covid Guidelines, Making Customers Feel Safe, Encouraging Them To Return

Here in Thailand, after months of lockdown, we have the welcome news that from 1 November, 2021, nearly all businesses and activities will be able to resume “New Normal” operations. Restaurants and eateries may resume normal opening hours, and are allowed to serve dine-in customers alcoholic beverages.

Purple WiFi Helps Venues Comply With Covid Guidelines, Making Customers Feel Safe, Encouraging Them To Return

Thailand, like other countries across the world, have enforced COVID guidelines to ensure safety, so it is crucially important for businesses and venues to comply. If they don’t, in a lot of cases, they risk fines and even closure.

This means venues need to focus on occupancy control, cleanliness, and hygiene satisfaction, not only to comply with government guidance but to reassure visitors, make them feel safe, and encourage them to return again in the future.

FinTech’s  Purple Guest WiFi app can help with this. Here’s how.

Accurate people counting

Businesses can achieve up to 98% accuracy when counting visitor numbers using Purple WiFi. This gives reassurance that visitors and staff can maintain a safe social distance.

High level of cleanliness

Better manage cleaning schedules by setting up alerts in Purple WiFi based on visitor usage that trigger to let employees know that a specific area in your venue needs to be disinfected.

Social responsibility

For those visitors who connect to your WiFi, follow up after their visit with a hygiene survey to ensure they are satisfied with the measures you have put in place to control visitor flow and ensure cleanliness.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus visitors are more conscious of satisfaction scores. The Purple WiFi  MicroSurvey Builder allows you to create and customize surveys to send to visitors, either when they are connecting to WiFi, or after they have visited your venue. For flexibility, MicroSurveys can be optional to complete or mandatory for users to access WiFi. Responses are aggregated into reports within the platform providing clear data which can then be exported.

The Purple WiFi  MicroSurvey Builder allows you to create and customize surveys to send to visitors

NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys are used to gauge your visitor’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to your venue. NPS can be used to help identify customers that are dissatisfied. Visitors who leave an NPS score can be contacted to ask about their negative experience. Actions can then be taken to ensure that similar experiences don’t affect other customers in the future, helping to increase overall customer satisfaction.

National Restaurant Chain Case Study.

Source: https://purple.ai/use-cases/ensure-venue-compliance-cleanliness-and-social-responsibility

Although offering “free” WiFi alone increases sales within a venue by 9%, some businesses like to see a more direct return from their initial investment. In addition to the above steps when re-opening, venues can recover the costs using Purple WiFi by:

  • Advertising to your guests during the login process, not only your own promotions and products, but paid for ads by other companies, e.g. taxi ride companies.
  • Redirecting customers to your website to increase website traffic. You could even redirect them straight to your loyalty sign up page or to download your app.
  • Sending personalized marketing messages in real-time to customers in your venue. Trigger messages based on specific customer demographics and behaviours.

McDonald’s Case Study.

Purple WiFi is “smart” internet hotspot software that enables the capture of your customer’s contact data. At a minimum, you’ll receive the guest’s email address, name and – importantly for legal reasons – the user’s device MAC address. This enables a venue to collect data vital for direct/email marketing and meets the requirements of Thailand’s computer-crime laws.

It’s important not to underestimate the power of this valuable data. The Purple WiFi analytics tools allow insight into how your physical space is utilized, and to understand visitor behaviour, numbers, demographics, and more.

Such as generating visitor heatmaps to see where you customers and visitors go whilst in your venue. This data will allow venue owners to view where their most popular points of entry and exit are, how people are interacting with the venue, areas of dwell and much more. This can be then used to optimize your venue layout, place new products and promotions in areas of high dwell to ensure they get the most attention and ultimately boost revenue.

As noted above, Purple WiFi’s  marketing software can assist with creating personalized marketing campaigns for those that have logged onto guest wifi using forms and social media logins, based on a person’s interests, hobbies, and key demographics.

Collating this data over time allows businesses to identify trends and patterns in visitor numbers, and use this to better manage staffing requirements.

Source: https://purple.ai/blogs/5-ways-analytics-can-improve-business.

Learn more about Purple WiFi  by watching these short explanatory videos.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj2Hc7L7D9o (Thai soundtrack with English subtitles)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHz_kywDNhw (Thai soundtrack with English subtitles)


The Purple WiFi  license fee is 3,500 baht per month per access point (router) on a quarterly basis, paid three months in advance. Typically, most venues have only one access point (router). Lower rates are available for annual purchases.

Account setup and installation is one-time 15,000-baht fee (maximum two floors).

Contact us today if you need more information or if you would like to arrange for a trial of Purple WiFi.

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