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Hospitality Reopening: Use Purple WiFi to Collect Customer Contact Details in Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

Guest WiFi software, that enables customer data collection, allowing a venue to target market to them.

Cloud-based, it works with the venue’s existing hardware and internet. It has a simplified login process. It is secure and legally compliant.

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Purple Wi-Fi

Just as smartphones replaced the “dumbphones” of the early 2000s, “smart Wi-Fi” is here to replace the “dumb Wi-Fi” most pubs, restaurants and hotels are using now.

If you provide ‘free’ guest Wi-Fi but are getting no business benefit from it, then you’re missing your best opportunity for customer retention and loyalty, not to mention attracting new customers, by keeping in regular direct contact with them. You can see numerous successful Case Studies internationally below.

Purple Wi-Fi is cloud-based, “smart” internet hotspot software that enables the collection of your customers’ contact data, with their explicit agreement. It is in use by 4 million users in over 45,000 venues across 160 countries.

For your guests, Purple Wi-Fi is a big upgrade over the usual free Wi-Fi experience. Say goodbye to passwords! Customers log in one-time only using their social media accounts or a short registration form. Once logged on, they stay logged on. Guests returning to your venue days, months or even years later are logged on automatically with no need for a password.

For your business, having guests log in via Facebook and other social media platforms allows you access to valuable demographic and interest data. The visitor data collected – name, email address, gender, age, music interests, preferred foods, favorite sports, etc. – is stored in a cloud-based Purple Wi-Fi portal and can be used for targeted marketing, such as:

  • notification of events and promotions,
  • automated birthday greetings,
  • loyalty awards,
  • anniversary congratulations, etc.

Guests can also be asked to, optionally, “like” your Facebook page or take micro-opinion surveys or submit a TripAdvisor Review (very important, in our view). Of course, customers can opt not to receive any communications whatsoever. And even if they agree to do so, can subsequently unsubscribe.

Purple Wi-Fi can also provide insight into behavior; such as when they visit, how many times, duration of stay, and when and how they move around a physical space. This helps you make operational decisions, e.g. staffing.

At a minimum, you’ll receive the guest’s email address, name and – importantly for legal reasons – the user’s device MAC address. This enables you to collect data vital for direct/email marketing, with the guest’s agreement. It also, importantly, goes a long way to meeting the requirements of the October 2019 directive from the Thai government that requires venues offering free Wi-Fi to collect internet traffic data used by their customers, and retain it for 90 days, under penalty of fines and possible prison time.

You can now use Purple Wi-Fi to track, monitor and ensure social distancing

Keep a close eye on the total visitor footfall in your venue at any one time, how close you are to reaching your social distancing threshold, your responsibility score, and much more.

All of the information is displayed in a single, easy to understand dashboard. You can also give visitors full visibility by publishing the dashboard results on your website or social media accounts for complete peace of mind.

Breaking News from FinTech Management Services

We are working on integrating Purple Wi-Fi with the most popular POS systems so that:

  • not only will venue owners/managers know when visitors come to the venue, how many times, and duration of stay, but also:
  • how much they spend, on what items!

Armed with this data, venues will really know who their VIP customers are and can offer all customers personalized, real-time communications, enhancing customer experience, retaining important customers, and driving sales.

Purple Wi-Fi natively integrates with most leading wireless hardware manufacturers, including Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Ruckus, Xirrus, HP, TP-Link, ASUS, Netgear and Aruba.

Another crucial feature for restaurants, bars and hotels is that Purple Wi-Fi directly connects to TripAdvisor.

Within 24 hours of first logging on to your Purple Wi-Fi system, TripAdvisor will send your guests an email asking them to review your venue. Across our installed base we have seen this results in a tremendous number of new, overwhelmingly positive reviews, which boosts your venue’s TripAdvisor ranking and its presence on the world’s No. 1 travel site.

Learn more about Purple Purple Wi-Fi by watching these short explanatory videos.


The license fee is 4,000 baht per month per access point (router) on a quarterly basis, paid three months in advance. Typically, most venues have only one access point (router). Lower rates are available for annual purchases.

Account setup and installation is one-time 15,000-baht fee (maximum two floors).

This includes:

  • Site survey by our technical sub-contractor
  • Integration of Purple Wi-Fi hardware and software into existing internet infrastructure
  • Account setup through the Purple Wi-Fi portal
  • Creation of splash and landing pages and automatic first-visit and birthday greetings
  • Creation of MailChimp account and integration of Facebook and TripAdvisor
  • Up to 2 hours training and after-sales support

Additional floors incur an additional setup fee of 1,500 baht per access point or repeater.

Purple Wi-Fi were the first movers in the market and helped create an industry wide demand for advanced WiFi.
They have collected and analyzed data on 110 million unique individuals; across 10 billion visits and 45,000 venues. They provide insights on this data for their customers to identify patterns and trends across different industries; adding value back into the marketplace.
Purple Wi-Fi solution is secure, scalable and stable. The company is ISO accredited, and partners with over half of the worlds largest service providers. They support over 50,000,000 users with a 99.9% uptime and are trusted by a number of global brands.
They have been well established in the UK for a number of years and have recently seen significant year-on-year growth overseas.

The service is growing quickly, with 4 million users across 160 countries. Purple Wi-Fi, the company, employs over 60 full time staff and currently has offices in the UK (their HQ), San Francisco, Shanghai, Madrid, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Chile and Singapore, with more offices planned in the coming months.

Huge growth is being seen in all sectors, including hospitality, where people have time to spend online, retail, where footfall tracking is essential, healthcare, offering transparency around service and communication and entire cities moving towards the Internet of Things.

Target Markets: – Leisure and entertainment venues, including pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels, retail outlets, shopping malls, public places.

Links\ Partners: Purple Wi-Fi (UK)

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Still Not Sure What Purple WiFi Is?

Purple WiFi allows your customers to use your internet connection ‘wirelessly’ and for no monetary fee. In order to access your wireless connection, they must sign-in via their chosen social network website such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or by completing a form. In doing so you’re able to capture details of your customers and with their permission, promote your business to all their online friends.

Purple Wi-Fi - Guest WiFi Software - Micro Surveys

And, now, Micro Surveys give you the ability to collect customer feedback faster and smarter via Purple WiFi . The simple to use builder allows you to easily add questions to a survey which can be based on multiple choices, ratings or simply leaving comments.

In addition, visitors can be asked to leave a TripAdvisor review.

Case Study1: The Londoner Brew Pub, Bangkok – Purple WiFi

Customers of The Londoner Brew Pub on Phatthanakan Road in Suan Luang, Bangkok can enjoy high-speed free WiFi.

The Londoner Brew Pub on Phatthanakan Road in Suan Luang, Bangkok, Thailand

Since September 2019, the Pub has used Purple Wi-Fi’s cloud-based application from FinTech Management Services, which enables the venue to access a rich source of data about the visitors that opt-in to use its free WiFi. Helpful insights about their age, gender, hometown and interests enable them to build accurate customer profiles. This makes it easier to create a more effective, tailored marketing campaign.

With instant access provided as guests login to social media accounts, the impact on customers’ social media engagement with the venue has been significant, with increasing engagement (likes, shares, comments, conversations).

RESULTS SINCE REOPENING NOVEMBER 1, 2021 (following Covid-compliance shutdowns)

In the period between reopening and end April 2022:

  • Over 2,000 visitor email addresses have been collected for use in targeted email marketing, 70% male, 30% female, 36% logging in via Social Media, and 64% via a short Form. About 25% are repeat users;
  • A total of some 900 emails have been sent welcoming new customers, promoting special events, sending customer birthday greetings, thanking regular customers for their patronage, and inviting them to leave a TripAdvisor review;
  • There has been a considerable increase in Facebook page likes and net revenues.

Dan Pratt, General Manager, Londoner Brew Pub, Bangkok


The Londoner’s General Manager, Dan Pratt, is convinced that the partnership with FinTech Management Services and Purple Wi-Fi has been a great success. He says, “We are delighted to offer our customers free WiFi, and Purple WiFi’s installation has helped to bolster our marketing efforts, drive awareness of the venue and increase social media engagement. Customers are more than happy to give something back and post messages onto their timeline in return for their free WiFi. It has increased customer satisfaction, which has had a positive impact within our social media communities, encouraging return visits and increased sales.”




The Londoner chose Purple Wi-Fi because it offers a bespoke, all-in-one WiFi package with an online portal that enables it to collect and analyse data about its customers and their behaviour. Purple WiFi’s dashboard enables the Pub’s management to access reports with deep insights into visitors. The Purple WiFi user interface is easy to manage and empowers both the business and the consumer to maximise value from the WiFi set-up.

In particular, Purple Wi-Fi meets the October 2019 directive from the Thai government that requires venues offering free Wi-Fi to collect internet traffic data used by their customers and retain it for 90 days under penalty of fines and possible prison time.

FTMS also provides other marketing support services, including: managing the Londoner’s customer database (built up over time to over 7,500 verified email addresses), regular postings on a range of social media platforms, and publication of a monthly Newsletter.

The Londoner’s partnership with FTMS and Purple Wi-Fi is playing a valuable role in its marketing, providing the venue with greater awareness of its visitors and more opportunities to interact with them. Rich customer relationships will strengthen The Londoner’s marketing and sales approach in the months ahead.


In 1997, a now 50 year veteran of Thailand (originally from London) decided that Bangkok lacked a decent British pub to have a beer, and watch sporting events…. And so, he established The Londoner Brew Pub, now Bangkok’s oldest micro-brewery. The Londoner prides itself on offering casual but high quality international food, and superb house brewed craft beer, with great service in a relaxed, family-friendly, atmosphere.

With an exceptional cooking team led by Chef Yao, Captain of the Thai National Cooking Association, The Londoner restaurant offers only the finest of ingredients in all its food. Lamb shanks and minces are imported from New Zealand, quality steaks and chopped beef for burgers from Australia, the US, and Argentina, and only the best renewable farmed fish is sourced from the volcanic lake, at Lake Toba, Indonesia.

From battering fish and chips in its craft brewed beer, to the six hour preparation required for its signature lamb shanks, all the Pub’s dishes are specially tailored by Chef Yao to offer a unique taste found only at… THE LONDONER.

All the Londoner Pub’s dishes are specially tailored by Chef Yao to offer a unique taste


Purple Wi-Fi is scaleable, cloud-based guest WiFi software, offering customers access to WiFi through social login. In return, WiFi providers benefit from real-time analytical insights, customer demographic data, information on visitor footfall, plus a marketing tool to send out targeted communications to customers whilst they are in the venue. Purple WiFi natively integrates with most leading wireless hardware manufacturers, notably Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, Xirrus, HP, TP-Link and Aruba.

The service is growing quickly, with nearly 7 million users in 134 countries, Purple works with a wide range of brands and venues. Purple Wi-Fi employs over 120 full time staff and currently has offices in the UK, San Francisco, Shanghai, Madrid, Melbourne, Chile and Singapore with more offices planned.

Huge growth is being seen in all sectors, including hospitality, where people have time to spend online; retail, where footfall tracking is essential; healthcare, offering transparency around service and communication; and entire cities moving towards the Internet of Things.


FinTech Management Services specialises in technology and marketing solutions for entertainment and hospitality venues, retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, and sports/leisure clubs across Southeast Asia.

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