Does The English Version Of Your Website Need To Be Perfect?

Good English on your website is vital!


Does the English version of your website need to be perfect?

Yes, is our answer!


It is absolutely essential for companies to use the correct and appropriate level of written English when producing content for an international or Western audience.

Business communications are still dominated by the English language. Therefore, having good quality written English is of paramount importance.

Here are 6 reasons why:

How poor grammar and spelling can negatively affect your website

  1. Failing to write using correct English, perhaps in the wrong tone or style for the intended audience, can result in your company appearing low-quality or ‘down-market’. It damages the image and reputation of your organisation. Your company management may appear to be poorly educated.


  1. This is especially so when an enormous amount of time and effort has been spent crafting your brand image. Publishing an English version of your website with poorly written content can have a negative impact on that brand image. Companies that cannot communicate with professionalism look cheap and may lose market respect.


  1. People may assume that if your company cannot take the time to ensure quality control of your English communications, then they may also question your company’s ability to maintain standards with the product or service that you are offering.

A survey by Global Lingo found that 59% of respondents “would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material”. 74% answered yes when asked “whether or not they tended to notice the quality of spelling or grammar on a company’s website.”


  1. Companies that have their content written by English second language, non-native writers, take the chance of damaging their credibility and reputation, and risk ‘losing face’ with customers.

How grammar and spelling can boost or sink your conversion rate

  1. Websites with good spelling and grammar achieve higher ranking on search engines such as Google. Moreover, better written content is more likely to be shared and linked.


  1. Lastly, local culture must be taken into account when producing in English a piece of written content. The writer must consider cultural nuances, ensuring that the content is effectively ‘localised’. Messages must be fine-tuned and conveyed appropriately for the specific culture of the target audience. If that target audience is mostly in the USA, then American word spellings need to be used.


Effective writing is a highly developed skill – it is not something that just anybody can do. In fact, many English people struggle to write in good English as their first language!

We at FinTech can help you perfect the English language version of your company website.

Our service is far more than just proofreading or editing.

Our native English language speakers with a background in SEO specialise in helping businesses to ensure that your content is:

  • perfectly written,
  • in correct English,
  • targeted to your specific audience,
  • search engine ready,
  • meeting the quality standards expected internationally.

Good English - pleasing to the eye and the ear!

High-quality English communications ensure that your company avoids embarrassment and maintains respect, creating a professional quality company image.

Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

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