Why It Is So Important To Have A WeChat Mini-Program If You Plan To Break Into China’s E-Commerce Market

WeChat Mini-Programs

Why is it so important to have a WeChat Mini-Program if you plan to break into China’s e-commerce market?



  • More and more Chinese consumers use WeChat Mini-Programs to shop and learn about their favorite goods and services. As at October 2020 the number of WeChat Mini-Program active monthly users exceeded 832 million, with daily users over 400 million – and growing.
  • The average amount of time spent per user has increased year on year by over 27% to sixty-eight minutes, with the number of transactions rising 115% YoY.

The top categories are:

  • Lifestyle Services
  • Business
  • Shopping, and
  • Education

And the fastest-growing industries utilizing WeChat Mini-Programs are:

  • Daily Use Items
  • Luxury Goods
  • Shopping Centers, and
  • Department Stores.


  • The total GMV (gross merchandise volume) of WeChat Mini-Programs in the first half of 2020 reached the full year GMV of 2019. This year’s total GMV will most likely exceed 38 billion dollars because so many people are using WeChat Mini-Programs. On average, each user uses ten Mini-Programs on WeChat, which is up by 12.6% YoY.


  • The top 5 mobile shopping WeChat Mini Programs are
  • Jingxi
  • Pinduoduo
  • JD
  • Vipshop, and
  • Suning.

Jingxi has more female users (54%) in their ecosystem, while Pinduoduo has more younger users, with 48% under 30 years old.


We are sure that, with the massive growth of WeChat’s Mini-Programs, every business that wants to break into the lucrative Chinese e-commerce market should have one.

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WeChat Mini-Programs - All you need to know.

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