NowSite Marketing

Would you like to advertise your business on 100’s of the most popular Social Media Platforms, Websites and Apps with one easy to use dashboard? NOW you can do just that with the NowSite (formerly Royaltie) digital marketing suite of products! Build your online ad effortlessly, run it anywhere in the world, and drive your…

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SEO – What’s It All About Alfie?

SEO Tips and Techniques

SEO focuses on improving the rankings in organic – i.e. non-paid-for – search results. Whatever the size of your organization, if you have a website and you want to get more traffic, in our opinion SEO must be part of your marketing efforts. SEO should also be applied to Social Media postings (sometimes known as SMO – Social Media Optimization).

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Ksher Contactless Payment Solutions

Ksher Contactless Payment Solutions Thailand

Please contact FinTech for more information and/or if you would like us to provide you with a quotation for our preferential rates, considerably lower than other contactless payment systems.

Note: YourPOS can be delivered with a seamless integration with Ksher.

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How Best To Get Your Brand Noticed Online

Social Media presence with FinTech Management Services

How Best To Get Your Brand Noticed Online
Social Media is no longer something that companies can manage without. Being present on social networks has become a must in almost every sector of activity.
But, are you wondering how, amidst the mass of information appearing every day, you can best get your Brand noticed?
Here are our suggestions.

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Successful Collection and Use of Customer Data

Collection of Customer Data

FinTech Management Services (FTMS) ensure that clients’ first-party data is properly collected, cleaned, normalized, stored, analyzed and deployed, so that it can be used successfully in mailshot campaigns and other customer engagements. If they so wish, we can run such campaigns on our clients’ behalf.

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Is Email Still A Profitable Marketing Channel?

We at FinTech Management Services lieve strongly that email is still a profitable marketing channel

Here at FinTech Management Services (FTMS), we manage email-marketing campaigns for a number of our clients. We also consult with companies on optimizing their email marketing efforts.
We believe strongly that email is still a profitable marketing channel, a much better vehicle for communicating with your customer database than, say, Facebook and other social media platforms.

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